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I  heard a software developer on a local forum the other day advising small businesses to not ‘waste’ money on getting an agency to do your site…do it yourself, he said, its easy!. After all ad/web agencies only ‘rip’ you off’ take big budgets to do very little, when all you need to do is download a template and Robert is indeed your uncle.

Its not just about the visual mechanics of the site…

Well to be fair, there is some truth to the idea…  firstly a template can save time in website production. Secondly yes, you can cobble together a website yourself, the more IT literate amongst you will probably do a half decent job of it too.(if you are not IT literate the process will drive you crazy!)

However, what exactly are your brand values you are looking to portray in this DIY site? How will it be composed to deliver the product benefits in a creative, meaningful way? How will this creative theme or ‘hook’ translate across other elements of your marketing communications cohesively? Will you take your own photographs? Write your own copy (optimised for google of course!) Will you support the site with advertising, emails SEO and social media? Will you monitor the visitors to your site and adjust the site content regularly to improve the customers experience?

…And in the meantime, just supposing you manage to spin all these plates simultaneously,  who exactly is minding the business?

So yes, you can of course design a DIY website. Whether it will it be as marketing savvy or as effective as a site designed by specialists is a moot point. Will it work on mobile and smart devices…? only time will tell. It is a truism that generally you get what you pay for and if you want a site that yields results not just IT problems then, consider using a ‘Big Stick’ to differentiate  your brand and generate online sales.

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