Web Optimisation

How to maximise the effectiveness of your website…

Your website can be beautiful and be full of valuable information about your organisation – but if you fail to direct people to your website it will become an ineffective marketing tool.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important factor in promoting your website and brand – and therefore it needs to be addressed in a carefully coordinated manner. You want your target audience to ‘self-select’, and find their way to your website under their own steam via search engines.

Understanding the general principles of how search engines work, and how they assess and rank websites means that you can act accordingly can be the difference between creating a pretty website and one that generates a profit.

Key SEO facts 


If somebody is looking for a product or a service they will use keywords as part their search activity. Therefore ensuring that your website features all of the relevant keywords in the right location and context will promote the visibility of your website and reinforce your brand awareness.


Great images will give your website considerable impact and help communicate your specific messages – but search engines can‘t see images and do don’t register them in searches. However, attaching an Alt Tag in the coding of an image allows you to incorporate keywords into that coding, which can be read by the search engine – and that will improve your website’s ranking and therefore visibility.

Meta Tags

Each of the pages on your website has a coding attachment called a Meta Tagwhich give you the opportunity to summaries the content of that specific page. Search engines recognise and read these Meta Tags in their ranking protocols, so ensuring the correct information is held within the Meta Tag can make a significant contribution to your SEO.

Off-page optimisation

Anything that directs visitors to your site from ‘other’ websites is regarded as off-page optimisation. Search engines assess both what is on your website and follows the links associated with your site to decide how relevant your website is. Therefore it is important to build links as part of your website development.

Link building

Building ‘natural links’ between your website and other non-competitive website is an effective SEO technique. The key is each having a similar target audience profile, and building mutually beneficial links between each is a great promotional tool and a worthwhile exercise.

Social Media

A lot is made of social media these days, as these networks offer a chance to interact with your audience in a more social environment. Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace offer wonderful promotional opportunities for brands, but there needs to be a specific communication strategy in place to ensure that your brand maximizes the opportunities available.