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QCI-recruit needed a new website for Christmas…

In a rush to create a new website for their newly formed recruitment company QCI-recruit called Big Stick Web to chat excitedly about their plans and the opportunity they had in the specialised IT recruitment required for the Healthcare sector . They had a name but no brand, an idea but no collateral, a plan but no implementation strategy.

Big Stick moved quickly to ‘fill in the marketing gaps’ and work closely with Kieren and Neil at QCI- recruit to realise their business vision.

When a client is so enthusiastic it’s infectious but Big Stick had to be careful not to get carried away and overlook the essentials for a new brand. It had to be clear, professional, flexible and appeal to its target market as a brand that could be trusted and merited their confidence.

Equally the website had to be clinical in it’s execution. The layout appealing but professional and easy to navigate.The brand for QCI along with the Website was created in the 2 weeks over Christmas and on January the 3rd 2015 the Website was live and QCI-recruit in business.

An email campaign announced the launch of the site and the feedback was very positive and it was described as the ‘best website for Coders in the recruitment industry’ praise indeed more importantly was it began to achieve results shortly afterwards with QCI winning their first big client from a website response.

 Qci recruit logo

Testimonial for Big Stick Design from QCI Recruitment Solutions Limited

“In late 2014 I launched a new company, a recruitment consultancy called QCI Recruitment Solutions Limited. I made contact with multiple web designers to get quotes for a logo and website design. It was clear to me that the website’s functionality would be integral to our company’s launch and brand awareness, at this stage I was unable to find a designer that gave me the confidence to proceed.

I had a clear vision & needed to ensure my chosen designer would be able to ‘get the QCI concept’. An associate recommended I contact Carl at Big Stick – I’m glad they did! Carl’s listening skills are excellent, straight away it was clear Carl understood what we were looking to achieve. Following an in-depth consultation Big Stick set about creating QCI a logo, we were provided with different options based on our specifications. it’s a great feeling looking at your company’s logo feeling proud to be part of the brand and knowing it has the hallmark of success. We have had excellent feedback from our clients we have even been told it is the best recruitment site for Coders out there!

The ‘proof is in the pudding’ as they say and within a fortnight of our website being handed over we struck gold!

We received an online enquiry from a prospective client interested in using QCI for an assignment they required support with. I am pleased to be able to share that off the back of this enquiry we successfully provided the client with a contractor and cemented future business relations. (Incidentally the contract duration far exceeded a typical contract within our specific sector).

 I would certainly recommend Carl and the Big Stick team to other businesses looking to launch or update their brand and their website.”

K. Malone- MD QCI-recruit (