Adhesives with Big Stick…

Tape specialities has an unrivalled reputation for adhesive solutions. Solutions so innovative that they are veiled in secrecy. So how do you tell the rest of the world what a great company they are?

Initially the brief was to create a new brand and website to explore a new market- specialist Marine Adhesives. This was then supplemented by Construction adhesives, Textile adhesives, Medical adhesives and an umbrella brand to encompass them all…Performance Adhesives.

The site that grew and grew…
An individual site for Marine Adhesives had now grown to 4 separate sites and a new company to link them all together.
Big Stick created logo’s and formatted the websites to link together and still be autonomous.
It was a CMS (Content Managed System) so our client could add information,pics and blogs to the site without incurring further cost.

A Big Stick SEO monthly service
Once launched Big Stick then provided the site with social media support and Search Engine Optimisation via a monthly fee to position the brand as an authority in the adhesives market, to build increased traffic and elicit responses.

“The site has evolved into quite a beast! Big Stick have been efficient and flexible making sure we got the right result in the most economic way. It is a big undertaking and our products are distributed worldwide.
I have to say Big Sticks work has drawn very positive comments from all or European partners. Their input has been highly creative and highly valuable” Simon Shearman- Tape Specialities

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