Getting Joey Essex on his bike…

The Only way is… to be active!

A project for Sport Essex was to create a brand and website with the objective of ‘Energising Essex’
The Big Stick team being sports fanatics themselves it was a great project to work on. It targeted everyone from school sports people who had left school and subsequently neglected sport to retired people who now had time on there hands to indulge in a more active life.
The website furnished visitors with advice on the right kind of exercise they should start with, it provided maps on where to find a sport or activity and how to join in. It had dietary tips on how to fuel your new regime…’taster events‘- to try out a new sport or ‘Get Back Into‘ clubs where you could reignite your interest in a sport along with other people and make a team together.
If you needed advice Sport Essex provided contact with and ‘expert’ to give you tips and guidance on how to embark on your new healthier lifestyle safely.

‘Get Energised’…with a Big Stick
The brand created was ‘GET ENERGISED IN ESSEX’ and each activity reflected a colour coded level of intensity so you could decided what level was appropriate to you. A visitor could quickly identify a sport or area of activity and where to find a class/venue to start playing. There was also a sign up area to receive literature and a ‘support pack’
so visitors to the site could be logged.

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