Social media with pedal power…

A brand with Gusto!
Italian Cycling enthusiast Marco Mori wanted to create a brand and website to provide Cycling holidays in Tuscany.
His family lived there so he new it was a beautiful region perfect for site seeing and cycling.
Big Stick created a distinctive brand and a website rich in content to create a desire to explore Tuscany and inspire cycling clubs to train there.

“The brand created by Big Stick was spot on it looks professional and most of all it’s distinctive and memorable.
The website was done to a tight budget and looks great!”
Marco Mori MD Gusto Cycling

It has taken over a year of social networking and lots of hard work from Marco to launch the site. Now Gusto is starting to grow and be recognised. Optimising the site and making the key words work harder has increased traffic to the website 10 fold….and it continues to increase.

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